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    Introduction to Institute i3m


    Microsystems by definition can only be created in an interdisciplinary environment. Their manufacturing calls for the interaction of various technical disciplines like, e.g. microelectronics, micromechanics and microoptics. Analogous to the successful fabrication in the field of microelectronics, computer-aided design, simulation and appropriate complex testing procedures are basic requirements.

    Furthermore, methods of manufacture, quality assurance and standardization have to be developed and optimized under consideration of economic aspects.

    Founded in 1999, the I3M provides the institutional framework for close cooperation and continuous scientific exchange between the technical fields assembled in the Degree Course Microsystems Engineering.

    Since 2001, the Institute is a member of Hanse- Photonik, an association of renowned companies and research institutions in the field of optics and laser technology in Northern Germany.

    Since 2002 the institute I3M is active on the research board of AMA, Association for Sensor Technology in Germany.

    I3M activities:

    • Concentrate expert competence and infrastructure at Hochschule Bremen in the field of microsystems, nanotechnologies, microelectronics and optical technologies
    • Transfer scientific/technical knowledge to practical application and teaching
    • Cooperate with regional business
    • Promote innovation
    • Develop and offer programs for continuing professional development (CPD)

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